Building the car, part 1 – the rollcage

Since I’ve gotten a few visitors from outside of Sweden, I will do the car build posts in English – Google Translate isn’t always 100% accurate, so hopefully you’ll appreciate these posts where ever you’re from.

I already bought a rollcage kit and was hoping to get it installed before the 2016 season started, but it was not going to happen with time quickly running out before the first race. This meant that as soon as I brought the car back to the garage after the final race of the season, there was a plan in place, and I started stripping the car to finally get some steel tubes in it.

Stripping the car back to basics.
The car has three different layers of paint, it will soon be painted another color.

Everything except suspension and a few other bits was removed to allow for the cage to be installed, and I decided to let a professional weld it in properly. The car was trailered off for the install.

The rollcage kit from Finess AB.

I also bought and brought the seat I am going to use, a Sparco Circuit II LF, from Sellholm Tuning.

I recently picked the car up and the install looks great, a huge thanks to Flanders Motorsport for the work on the installation.

So now the car is back in my garage, and I will start stripping the underside back to bare metal. Once that is done, the car will be shipped off to be painted and have bodywork modified to allow for wider wheels. A pair of 25m wider Aerokit front fenders have been delivered by DDESIGN, the rear arches will also need to be widened.

Once the car is back from paint, I will start assembling it and then it is time for power plant work.