Building the car, part 1.5 – small update

Since I have a long way (~115 km) to the garage where the car is located, progress is frustratingly slow at the moment. The work that needs to be done is also boring and tedious.

In an attempt to limit the dust being spread across the entire workshop, I took inspiration from Dexter and wrapped my working area in plastic. It works alright – there’s still dust but most of it stays under the car. Respiratory protection required.

What I am doing right now is stripping the entire underside of the car of dirt, underseal and paint. Then I need to weld up a few spots, as well as the passenger seat mounts. I then need to apply primer to the underside of the car, fit and adjust the new front fenders, and then it can be shipped off for having rear fenders widened and a nice coat of paint.

This all needs to be stripped back entirely, and then protected by new primer.

Both budget and time is running out in a pace I am less than comfortable with, but the goal of having it running at the first competition remains. I have a suspicion that I will be down on horsepower though.

Can’t wait until this is all finished and I get to enjoy the car again.