Building the car, part 2 – bodywork

It’s been a while since I updated the build progress – the chassis has been sitting in line for getting bodywork and paint. With less than 3 weeks until the season premiere, the pressure of finishing the car is on. It is going to be a close call, and both time and budget is getting stretched thin.

Right now, the car is at and has gotten a custom rear wide-arch job done together with Inkognito Komposit. The new paint is going on soon and then next week the plan is to reassemble the whole thing from the pile of parts I have sitting in the workshop.

It also needs to have front and rear windscreens reinstalled (new one for the front since the old one has a crack), and will then go for a wheel alignment before (hopefully) heading for Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp.

I will be running the same stage 1 spec engine as last year, so I will be hopelessly underpowered, but once the chassis has been sorted I will start looking at increasing the output from the powerplant as well.